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“Branding tends to ‘git the cow’s attention.” ~ Cowboy Wisdom

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By Arengee

Arengee on the “Facebookization” of LinkedIn – Good or Bad?

On 19, Jan 2016 | In Questions, Social Media | By Arengee

Thanks for the question @MattHenryWine

When you say “Facebookization” we’re going to assume you mean the recent App update.

We have a few educated guesses why Linkedin looks and feels more like Facebook:

  1. Facebook is by far the most successful social media website with a market share of more than 45% – Linkedin ranks seventh (see chart below)
  2. Why reinvent the wheel? In business, if you see something that works, implementing it to the advantage of your company is done all the time.
  3. If your Linkedin looks and feels like Facebook, the familiarity could possibly cause one to use it more.

Is this good?

For Linkedin maybe. But also for people who use both. Maybe makes it easier to move back and forth between the two.

If you mean how the “Timeline” has become overcrowded with posts, we’d say bad. It’s becoming a time suck and posts are often irrelevant or purely promotional.

For the record, we’ll admit we’re not big users of Linkedin. We pop in from time to time, update some things and maybe skim the feed. But it’s not a go-to network, like Twitter.

Feel free to add further clarification of “Facebookization” below, or even add your two-cents worth.

Statistic US Market Share of Social Media websites

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In Branding
Social Media

By Arengee

Our response to Brad Jakeman’s Agency Bashing: Provide Viable Alternatives. Brains aren’t gender or ethnic exclusive. More >

On 28, Oct 2015 | In Branding, rant, Social Media | By Arengee

PepsiCo Exec Has Tough Words for Agencies

Mr. Jakeman,

We have a few responses to your rant during the Association of National Advertising’s annual “Masters of Marketing” conference in Orlando, Fla.

“Can we stop using the term advertising…”

  • Please provide an alternative term to the act or practice of calling public attention to one’s product, service, need, etc., via paid media.

“I am sick and tired as a client of sitting in agency meetings with a whole bunch of white straight males talking to me about how we are going to sell our brands that are bought 85% by women,” he said. “Innovation and disruption does not come from homogeneous groups of people.”

  • A) Brains I.E. creative ideas, are not gender or ethnic specific.
  • B) Appoint a woman in your place – seems to match better with your line of thinking, and customer.

Question: Is this maybe your idea of lighting a fire under your current agencies since Coca-Cola seems to be able to stay on the cutting edge with the antiquated agency model?

Finallythe client approves ALL creative from the agency they hired.

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In rant
Social Media

By Arengee

Sweet lies – PR folks try to claim success for Hershey over TV ads. Spin left sour taste in our mouths.

On 15, Jul 2015 | In rant, Social Media | By Arengee

Here’s the claim: “PR campaign led to greater ROI and market share than better-funded TV advertising approach”


The PR approach: Lure college kids with FREE candy on move-in day, then send out “girls with bright smiles and fruit-colored outfits roamed campus to spread the Jolly Rancher story, distribute product samples (FREE) and encourage social media responses.”

The TV approach: A “better-funded” media buy – sorry, they didn’t share the TV spot.

So, to summarize:

  • Free candy samples to college kids
  • Cute girls handing out more free samples to college kids
  • Cute girls asking college kids to post on Social Media – probably with an incentive for more FREE candy. (Like they needed the incentive.)


  • TV spot (with un-known message, quality) telling people “Hey, there’s a new candy from some company you are not very familiar with you should try. Go to the store and buy some today.”

Well duh!  Which do you think would get more attention and awareness?

Nice try PR folks. Nice try.

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In Cowboy Wisdom
Social Media

By Arengee

Great minds think alike Mr. Atkinson. We proposed a fleet of Smart Cars instead of the Tide. Call us for future marketing help.

On 23, Jun 2015 | In Cowboy Wisdom, Social Media | By Arengee

RE: Virginia Beach treasurer pays for newspaper ad against light-rail extension

I’d also like to propose the City of Virginia Beach use half of the $20 million to set up a Smart Car pilot program.

Why Smart Cars instead of Bentley’s? Well – besides being roughly 1/5th the cost of a Bentley – Smart Cars take up half the parking space. You could virtually double parking in Norfolk and Virginia Beach. Well, at 1,100 people a day you could get an additional 1,100 parking spots. LOL.

Please print out this ad, write “NO” on it and mail to:
John T. Atkinson, Light Rail Fund, 2411 Whaler Court, Virginia Beach, VA 23451

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In Cowboy Wisdom
Social Media

By Arengee

“The more we think we know the less we actually do” Why $25 billion in media money just went up for grabs.

On 01, Jun 2015 | In Cowboy Wisdom, Social Media | By Arengee

Read the article here:

“I did a quick glance, and I want to read it more in depth later, but have a nagging suspicion that the more we think we know the less we actually do.

“This uber micro targeting we do has another impact too. It avoids communicating with heretofore unknown customers depriving ourselves from growing the brand.”

“Most good brands have as good people as the agency therefore the expertise gap is very narrow. I think the bottom line is with all the new technologies and social media, no one has been able to really break out and change the dynamics of the return on investment.”

Richard Gearhart
Arengee Media Guru

Photo credit:

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Social Media

By Arengee

Latest example of how auto industry/dealer marketing is out of touch with its consumers. I traded this auto to dealer 4 years ago.

On 23, Mar 2015 | In Branding, rant, Social Media | By Arengee

A simple tan envelope arrived in the mail today. My name and address are printed on the front with a faux handwritten font. No indication of the sender. There’s a small return address on the back flap (more on that later). Inside was a postcard from a local auto dealer, Starr Motors. Starr has been in business for more than 50 years selling and servicing new & certified pre-owned Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and RAM vehicles. According to their website they are one of the top dealerships in the Mid-Atlantic region. Located in Suffolk, it’s got a bit of a small-town charm, but the “sales game” is the same.

The following message was printed in the with same faux handwriting font from the envelope:

Jeffrey, I wanted to drop you a quick note about purchasing your 2008 Dodge Ram 3500. I need it now and frankly, I think you’ll be pleased with my aggressive offer. It’s easy and you don’t have to purchase anything! Call me by March 31st! Talk to you soon
(the faux handwriting even includes a smudge in place of a period)

– Ed White

Ed’s phone number is circled in the lower right corner with his extension (which is probably a way to track the postcard, the amount of numbers looks suspicious).

First off, I leased this 2008 vehicle from Starr Motors in 2008 and decided to turn it back in to them at the end of the lease in 2011. I decided to buy a 2011 Dodge Ram 3500 and got a much better deal closer to home from another dealer.

Clearly Starr Motors, and/or it’s marketing firm, has no record keeping capabilities. Now for the kicker.

Thanks to Google, I easily found the business belonging to the address I mentioned seeing on the back flap. Located at this address is a 9-time winner of the “Best Direct Mail Marketing Company” voted on by automotive dealers, according to one of two images on their website home page. It gets better. The company’s name is “Strategic Marketing”. The more I read about them, the harder I laughed. “Strategic Marketing really isn’t just a direct mail company that does data, they are a data company that implements direct mail.” They have a proprietary system to collect and interpret data that, in their words, “makes us experts in regard to Response Mechanisms.”

Based on what I see, I find it hard to believe this “strategic marketing” firm has their finger on the pulse of anything other than their clients’ wallets.

Being out of touch is not isolated to this dealership.

I have received several direct-mail pieces from the dealer where I purchased my current truck. Greenbrier Dodge in Chesapeake might possibly have the worst marketing in the area. Several months ago when I called to check up on the status of my vehicle for service, the online message announced, “come see the all new 2013 Dodge Ram Trucks” – this was in August of 2014.

And they continue to offer me special deals to trade my Ram 3500 in for a newer Ram 1500. If these car salespeople had a clue, they would know that anyone who owns a 3500 series truck would not be interested in trading down to a 1500. There’s a reason one purchases a 3500 series truck – mainly for hauling trailers. It’s not a grocery-getter.

With the technology available today, why don’t these guys simply pick up the phone and call me instead of sending an expensive, wasteful direct mail piece? It’s not like these guys have a lot to do all day at the dealership besides standing around waiting like vultures for someone to drop in.

The auto industry needs a fresh, new marketing perspective.

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Social Media

By Arengee

Do what you love. Love what you do.

On 05, Jan 2015 | In Branding, Inspiring, Social Media | By Arengee

It’s Blue Monday – called this because many people took a lot of time off during the holidays and bemoaned on Facebook, etc. going back to work.

Back in 2006 the partners of Arengee took the huge risk of starting a new business at a very turbulent time in the economy. To say the first year was tough would be a understatement. However, we never looked back with regret. We do what we love. And, for the most part, love what we do. Every day.

Why not find a way to look forward to Monday? And Tuesday. And Wednesday, etc.

  • What do you love about your job?
  • Don’t like your job? What could you change so you would?
  • If you need a new job, why not start looking today?
  • Is there an opportunity to start your own business?

Here’s an article we found with some good tips and wisdom.

“Determine never to be idle. No person will have occasion to complain of the want of time who never loses any. It is wonderful how much may be done if we are always doing.”

~ Thomas Jefferson

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In Social Media

By Arengee

7 Reasons You Should NOT Create A Facebook Page For Your Event

On 31, Oct 2014 | In Social Media | By Arengee

  1. There’s a great tool that already exists with your Business Page – Events
  2. You already have an audience – your current Business Page Likes
  3. A new page means you need extra effort I.E. time, money, etc. to help people find it and build and build a new audience
  4. Events allow people to indicate attending, or not
  5. Events has format for time, date, link to tickets and dedicated feed
  6. You can send invites from the Event page – you can’t with a Business or Personal page
  7. An event that happens once a year is NOT a business, person, band, charity cause, or personality

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